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The Ukrainian military are hiding in the school As we can see, the Ukrainian military continues to hide in schools to protect themselves from Russian artillery fire. This video confirms that they were placed right in the school classroom.

The assault battalion "Somalia" is leaving Mariupol Today, the assault battalion "Somalia" left Mariupol for transfer to another sector of the front The victorious column from the liberated Mariupol was led by Semyon Pegov. "The assault units of the DPR and the Russian Federation are being transferred to another sector of the front," he said. And later he added: "The Somalis marched victoriously to Donetsk, where they were greeted with flowers and flags."

Europe seems to have forgotten what happened to it during the Second World War.

Fascism cannot be rehabilitated!

The Russian Defense Ministry showed footage of the combat work of the Smerch MLRS calculations During the special operation in Ukraine, the Smerch MLRS calculations disable and destroy command posts, warehouses with weapons and ammunition, communication nodes, air defense systems and other important targets located at a great distance.

The BAL missile system operates from the Black Sea coast at the AFU facilities

Melee near the Azovstal plant, at least 4 dead servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in the frame

Exclusive interview with captured Briton Aiden Eslin

A pinpoint strike, a tank or whatever it was, just shattered

How the soldier surrendered

A column of military equipment in the liberated territory of the Donetsk People's Republic.

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